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HARAS literally means Turmeric Juice as the word derived from two Sanskrit words Haridra (Turmeric) and Ras (Juice). Inspired by mother nature and empowered by nano-ayurvedaµ, now one can derive a kilogram of turmeric powder benefits with a few spoons of HARAS Turmeric extracts juice. The advent of HARAS endeavours in taking forward ancient ayurvedic knowledge by reviving with modern technology and diligently optimising and standardising to the contemporary challenges.

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India is home to seven of the 10 most polluted cities in the world and the air pollution problems that by the World Bank’s calculations costs the country as much as 8.5% of its GDP, or around $221 billion each year. Intake of every 22 micrograms per cubic metre of polluted air is equivalent to smoking a cigarette, means hazardous levels of pollution in India throughout the year. Air Pollution not only triggers daily stress and fatigue but also the root cause of diabetes, obesity, heart blocks, impotency, lung-liver damages and cancers.

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According to WHO, “particulate air pollution PM 2.5 as the single greatest threat to human health globally, with its effect on life expectancy (reduces up to 11years) exceeding that of devastating communicable diseases such as tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, behavioural killers like cigarette smoking, and even terrorism”. Breathing air in India is equivalent to 10-30 cigarettes a day, which means more than a billion people affected by this passive smoking through the year, which poses a serious challenge to the goal of Ayushman Bharat and has profound ramifications on country’s productivity and national security.

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HARAS is the world’s first ayurvedic nanotech based essential daily detox for internal hygiene requirements especially to clear the poisonous PM 2.5 air pollution toxins from the body. Founded by a Cambridge educated nanoscientist turned innovator Dr. Vijay Kanuru, HARAS is the evidence based first of its kind Turmeric extracts juice for air pollution detox needs, suitable for daily use. Made of water soluble natural curcumin, HARAS is a novel scientifically developed aqueous liquid formulation of super food Turmeric , an innovative daily detox to clear the air- pollution induced inflammatory toxins.

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To harness human potential by restoring the health and wellness which is taken away by the air pollution at the moment. The invisible and hazardous PM 2.5 particles present in the air induces inflammatory toxins, unless we clear them every day it gradually manifests into various chronic conditions. The invention of HARAS –Pollution Detox has benefited thousands across India in terms of their health, productivity and has potential to make a difference to billions of people, as 9 out of 10 people are affected daily with air pollution.


Breathing air is equivalent to smoking of 10-30 cigarettes a day which causes unprecedented levels of inflammation where our body’s defense system faces enormous challenges leading to chronic diseases unless we clear them every day. To bring sustainability and awareness about the necessity of daily internal hygiene and establish turmeric morning culture of having a spoon of turmeric juice as a first thing in the morning, the way we brush our teeth and bath our skin.

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The Cultivator nano

Dr. Vijay Kanuru is the inventor of HARAS and one of the world's leading nanotech innovators committed for a healthy world and a lively planet. A Stanford-Cornell trained technopreneur and an experienced leader, runs deep science and tech enterprises. Inspired by his grandmother’s practice of using turmeric –water for pious cleaning, Cambridge educated nano scientist, Dr. Vijay Kanuru, after 7 years of research has developed HARAS, an innovative and world’s first Air Pollution Detox. HARAS is based on super food curcumin (turmeric extract) ,which is an essential internal cleanser to be taken in the morning for the internal hygiene against pollution, which is more important than brushing teeth.

A strong believer of human potential and quality of life which is being taken over by toxic air and traffic, he developed a cost effective simple ayurvedic super food intervention, which made a difference to so many people. He is now embarked on a mission to improve productivity of the nation by improving energy levels at work places. Vijay Kanuru is a recipient of prestigious academic distinctions and research fellowships such as the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, DAAD, Helmholtz, and Lowry Prize and also recognised with a Young Scientist Award from IACS, USA. Dr. Kanuru is one of the world’s foremost leading authorities, who is spearheading ayurvedic nanotech herbal innovations for contemporary lifestyle challenges.