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Many more countless testimonials from all age groups cutting across professions.

I found significant change in my energy levels after consuming 15 -25 ml of Haras turmeric juice for the last three days


TV Channel, Bengaluru

My cough was persistent got reduced in two days after consuming Haras turmeric juice and now I take everyday to protect from Delhi pollution. Also I give it to my school going kids

Woman entrepreneur

Bengaluru and Software engineer Delhi NCR

Now I’m able to feel more energetic and active through the day at office as I usually get tired by time reaching to office on bike. Many of my colleagues started having it

Software Engineer


I felt detoxified with a pleasant feeling after a week’s consumption of Haras turmeric juice. I feel it’s a must in the highly polluted times we are living in.

Jewellery Shop Owner


I started working extra one half hour every day without usual afternoon fatigue even though I’m above 60


Pharma and Plastic Industries, Mumbai

I’m a smoker and my cough was persistent got reduced in two days after consuming Haras turmeric juice and now I take everyday to protect from Delhi pollution


waste management company Delhi NCR

Consuming 20- 25ml of HARAS Turmeric Juice with warm water everyday has helped my wife overcome fatigue and easily take care of household chores. It is an instant energy booster

Country Head

Multinational company, Bengaluru

I feel remarkable difference in my energy levels and all our family consumes it

Professor, IIT Delhi

and Doctor from Pune

I started feeling active, energetic and acidity reduced after 10 days and continuing thereafter

Managing Director

Pharma Companies from Bengaluru and Delhi

Although my mother started feeling better in a week and for it took 3 weeks to feel the difference, now consume everyday


Pune University, Pune

My infected liver condition improved considerably after taking HARAS Turmeric Juice for about two weeks and have been able to resume work.

Woodworks supervisor


Normally I used to cold every winter and dryness this year I hardly experience common cold and improved my tolerance to cold and travels

Charted Accountant


I take twice every day for last two years and as I feel much more active and less tired, It also reduced my joint pains and feel more tolerant to harsh winters. Many of friends used it and felt the same and I strongly recommend you to all senior citizens. We all thank to the innovator.

Senior citizen